Small Flaws That Are Actually Big Deals for Buyers

By: Tammy Samuels

Small Flaws That Are Actually Big Deals for Buyers

Tags: Small Flaws That Are Actually Big Deals for Buyers

Small Flaws That Are Actually Big Deals for Buyers

As a homeowner looking to sell, you are probably unaware of some flaws in your home that could negatively impact the sale price. That’s not to say you are ignoring eyesores, like damaged steps, or major structural problems, like dysfunctional windows, out of some misguided love for the imperfections of your home. These are issues that you will definitely want to get fixed before putting your home on the market, and they are impossible to miss.

The flaws that we are referring to are minor, and quite frankly, easy to overlook for someone like you who has become familiar with a space. However, while markings on a wood floor or a stubborn doorknob might not seem like big deals to you, they could very well be major problem areas for a prospective buyer. If they spot too many of these small flaws around the property, someone who began the viewing ready to match your asking price will start thinking of lowering their offer or, worse yet, not making a bid at all.

The good news is that avoiding this unfortunate fate is totally within your hands. Here are some commonly overlooked small flaws in a home that are actually deal breakers for buyers.

An Old Bathroom

A bathroom that has not been updated recently is a major eyesore for buyers – and a chance for them to feel justified in making a lower offer. The challenge here is knowing when a cute vintage bathroom is actually more appealing compared to an older bathroom that has not aged well. Of course, it might be hard for you, the homeowner, to believe that your cute brown-tiled bathroom with intricate moldings on the mirror is not appealing to someone else. The hard truth is that it probably isn’t, and the upshot is that you should modernize your bathroom before selling. As it turns out, remodelling a bathroom adds tremendous value to your home, making it a pretty smart investment. You can spend under $1,000 to remodel and then add an extra $20,000 to your asking price!

Location of the Washer and Dryer

Maybe you got used to doing your laundry in an unfinished basement, lifting heavy bags of dirty laundry down a steep set of stairs. Most people nowadays would rather have their washer and dryer on the main floor rather than in the basement – so be prepared to make this shift if your real estate agent thinks you should.

Window Screens

An astute buyer will notice the quality of the screens in your window. If they are ripped, they will begin to wonder what other parts of the house you have neglected over the years. Taking out ripped window screens is an easy thing to do that helps show your home in its finest light.

Rounding It Up

These seemingly minor design quirks in your home can easily become deal breakers for buyers. At the very least, neglecting to fix the eccentricities of your home is like shooting yourself in the foot as far as profit is concerned because it allows prospective buyers to point out weakness and make lower bids. Contact your local agent for more information on how to make the most out of your selling experience.